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What happened in 2018 and resolutions for 2019

New year, a new beginning.

We’re at that time of the year when we look back at the last year and we evaluate our achievements and failures. Besides, most of us set new goals every January.

If you’ve been reading my blog during 2018 you’ll know that I set up goals for each quarter of the year, instead of yearly. But before that, let’s go and evaluate what’ve happened during 2018.

What I’m proud of:

Regarding the team, 2018 was a great year. We organised more than one meetup per month and we didn’t have any break! We grew the community to more than 2500 members and more than 400 members in Slack. It’s awesome. Besides, our members are more engaged with our community and we’re organising bigger events.

I’m very proud of myself because I had this goal for quite long and also because for me writing is not easy. English is not my mother tongue and I’m not a writer either. So it takes me quite a lot of time until I’m satisfied with an article. Besides, by reading my first posts and comparing them to my latest ones, I can definitely see an improvement.

Lastly, I’m also seeing the benefits of it. Protopr asked me to publish my posts under their account and also a magazine asked me to write an article for them!

What I’m not so proud of:

Resolutions for 2019:

This year, professionally, I want to focus more on improving my soft skills. During the past years, I’ve been focusing a lot on improving my design skills. So it’s time to shift the focus a little bit.

Regarding my personal life, I want to focus on having a better work-life balance and having a healthier lifestyle.

Taking this into account, these are my resolutions for 2019:

Professional goals:

Improve at public speaking: Having the ability to present my ideas to others is a must-to-have as a UX designer. Especially in big companies like Coolblue. And, even though I improved a lot during the last year, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Key results:

Writing: I tested the writing habit in 2018 and I realised that I like it. Plus, it’s very beneficial as a UX designer to know how to communicate my ideas through writing. My plan is to improve this skill and publish regularly.

Key results:

Portfolio: Having an updated portfolio should be one of my priorities. I want to have an online presence which shows the type of designer that I am and what I can add to a team.

Key results:

Learn about business and strategy: Business and strategy are two things that I would like to learn during 2019. Both skills are very important as a UX designer, and now that I have more responsibility it’s even more necessary.

Key results:

Learn how to say no and defend my ideas: With difficult stakeholders, defending my ideas and decisions it’s a big challenge. But it’s also a great opportunity to learn and practice this skill.

Key results:

Feedback: I don’t request enough feedback to my colleagues and it’s something that I should do more. Without feedback, I won’t be able to grow as a professional.

Key results:

Personal goals:

Reading: Last year I was a disaster at reading. I remember those years when I read around 30 books per year. But last year I read only 7. It’s a total shame, not only because I enjoy reading, but also because I learn new things and I improve as a professional

Key results:

Gym: I like going to the gym and more importantly, I can feel it’s good for my health and to manage my stress levels.

Key results:

Eat healthier: As I mentioned before, I would like to focus on having healthier habits.

Key results:

Goals for Q1:

Taking into consideration my resolutions for 2019, I’ll accomplish the following during Q1.




Portfolio: Think about the characteristics of a side project. Which are the requirements? What do I want to learn? What’s my goal?

Eat healthily:


If you have read this far, thank you! I hope this post helps you, maybe with some inspiration to set your own goals or on how to set them.

Tell me about you! Do you have new resolutions for 2019? How was your 2018?

English is not my mother tongue and I’m always looking for improvements. So if you spot any typo or any phrase that could have written in a better way I would love to read that feedback!

Do you want to know more about me?

I'm a UX & Interaction Designer based in Amsterdam working at Coolblue. | Co-organiser of Ladies that UX Amsterdam.

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