• BojackCHIRAC


  • Pablo Alonso

    Pablo Alonso

    Diseñador de Producto

  • Heekyung An

    Heekyung An

  • Jenny Shen

    Jenny Shen

    UX Consultant specializing in international growth strategy, localization and cross-cultural design. Hire me to grow your business! More info @ jennyshen.com

  • Ozge Ergen

    Ozge Ergen

    UX Designer | Researcher | Digital Music & Entertainment Expert | Art enthusiast who loves to paint 🎨 on wallets and bags. ozgeergendesign.com

  • Salih Elobeid

    Salih Elobeid

    Visual artist and software developer from the OMD.

  • Bibi De Carli 🦄

    Bibi De Carli 🦄

    UX/UI Designer @ Booking.com — www.bibidecarli.com

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