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But first, What is a Design System?

A Design System is a pattern library of visual style and components documented and released as reusable code for developers and reusable tools for designers. It also offers guidance on branding, accessibility and page layout.

What is a Design System and demo of Design System Manager by InVision — Drew Bridewell

Scaling your product, your team and your thinking
  • It helps you to be totally aligned with your team
  • It saves a lot of time to your team
  • It allows collaboration
  • It has a version control so you can always go back to your previous designs
  • The main difference with Sketch is that with Sketch you can’t share, you don’t have permissions. With DSM you are more connected, you can connect to InVision on web, you have a better opportunity to have feedback.
  • It will be implemented in InVision Studio but it will be possible to use it with Sketch as well.
  • You can add your goals, mission and vision to your Design System to make it as complete as your company needs.
  • If the developers want to see the specs of the design, you need to import your Design System into InVision and then they will be able to see it in the coding mode.
The Design System Manager — InVision

Empowering product growth with a Design System — Celeste North, Rayana Verissimo and Lucie Agolini.

The designers from Backbase explained us the problems that they were facing when they didn’t have a Design System, some of them were:

  • They had no documentation or assets, so they designed the same from scratch several times
  • They have a lot of inconsistency
  • The had duplicated work
The design team at Backbase working in their Design System
  • Faster design and implementation
  • They have universal guidelines
  • They increased alignment
  • They have a better communication
  • They reduced the gaps
  • Designs and developers are much happier.
  • It increased the quality of the product
  • A solid foundation that accelerates their own system
  • Increased understanding of UX and Design Systems
  • Increased the belief in Backbase.
What is a Design System for Backbase?

Some useful links:

How to build a design system by Atlassian



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